The South Indian Wedding

Exquisite set pieces that ornament the design

This wedding décor is a floral dream with a mélange of white and golden marigolds and red roses; with the roses being the backdrop. The design however simple gets its elegance from the choice of furniture, the antique Anglo-Indian chairs and ottoman. The exquisite chariot swing ornamented with flowers and rose petals complements the main backdrop. The design is such that from the entrance to the stage, every small element is present in the décor. From the flowers to the overall colour composition. The cosmic latte coloured pillar with a lotus pops separately because of the bold petal arrangement. The black canvas on the easel which has the welcome note for the guests acts as the undertone for the entire décor setup. The floral kolam which uses the colours white, red, and orange are part of the décor’s main colour palette.

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