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We at Camellia Events embrace the poetic grandeur that decors bring to any events. Keen on meeting the desires of the special one on their special days we stand out as the event production company who orchestrates the grandeur decor alongside making your events a trail of happiness. Well the event decoration in chennai being our spotlight service we extend to make your special day more memorable by articulating the decor ideations that makes your guests interact and have a lot of fun with it ~ just making your right a great place for clicks and memories. The blend of creativity, elegance & our experience is on spot in the event management realm that our visuals speak more for us than words. 

Beach Side wedding decoration by The Camellia Events

Our Works

Intricately correlated decors that stand out in time and memories. We believe that each theme defines a story that completes the day you dreamt about

Aadhiran’s Magical Adventure: A Disney-Inspired First Birthday Bash

Embark on a whimsical journey as Aadhiran turns ONE in Disney style! Join us for a celebration like no other as we bring Aadhiran’s magical adventure to life on his first...

An Mediterranean Affaire

Golden shimmer and white are evened out with minimalism Veune : The Leela Palace, Chennai This classical Mediterranean design which is quite basic in every niche exudes royalty and...

Blossoming Romance – A Captivating Lotus-Inspired Wedding Reception Décor

Unleash the Magic of Blooms and Beauty in a Lotus-Inspired Wedding Wonderland Step into a world of pure enchantment with our captivating wedding reception decor, where the ethereal...

Chettinadu Elegance: A Timeless Fusion of White, Yellow Flowers, and Natural Greens

Celebrate Your Love with the Grace and Splendor of Chettinadu Heritage Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Chettinadu with our exquisite wedding decor that combines...

Elegant Fusion: Celebrating the Union of Love

Where modern sophistication meets timeless romance Welcome to “Elegant Fusion,” a wedding reception decor that harmoniously blends modern elements with timeless charm...

Eternal Blush: A Love Story Unveiled

Where love takes center stage, and hearts are forever intertwined Welcome to “Eternal Blush,” a wedding reception decor that radiates the timeless beauty of love and...

Our Legacy

Immerse in the world of visual awe with the decors that we orchestrated that are grandeur & bold, calm & natural or vibed & coloured. Every project in our score.

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The decors are classified according to the event tradition and we are ready to bring the classic south to the bouige western to the table

Special Entry by The Camellia Events

The entree

You are the star of the day and we are here to make sure that you are. Our themed special entree performance doesn’t stand out but just perfectly blends to the decor we have architectured for you

Entertainment / Games events by The Camellia Eevnts

Fun & Zaaz

As the event management company who can go beyond and more our team orchestrate plan and plots to get everyone be involved in the merry

DJ service by The Camellia Events

It's a party

Vibe hard with the best DJs in town. As your  event managing company we make every one hit the party like never before

Choreography by The Camellia Events


Indulge to the beat of your day and get your hand on dance knock offs. We Camellia events as your event planning company are here to get you gear up for it too


Adorn your hands with intricate henna designs in the most artistic and traditional manner.

Begin your happily ever after with us

The Camellia events articulates each of your special moment and adds the potion for it to be an everlasting charm

Wedding / Muhurtham Decoration by The Camellia Events

Wedding / Muhurtham

Camellia Events as your event management firm brings in rooted tradition through our decor to give a ritualistic ambiance that the to be wed experience the blessing of the divinity

Wedding Reception / Reception by The Camellia Events

Wedding Reception / Reception

Either the event is being planned in the traditional way for the families or in a rustic way for the friends our decors and the ambiance are down for the extremes

Haldi Events by The Camellia Events


The best and the only event to vibe like crazy yet traditionally and our decor setup brings in all the fun crazy vibe for you

Mehendi Event by The Camellia Events


Creating the calm yet the tudum decor where the space are decorated in a way for the bride and bridesmaid can have lot of fun

Varamala Events by The Camellia Events


The ceremony is little but the experience it creates is intense and that’s why we emphasize our decor setting specially for this to capture this very special moment

Sangeet Event by The Camellia Events


Setting up the dance floor for your battle by bringing the ultimate showdown decor with backdrop cracker and DJ ambiance

“Camellia Events has been the event organiser company for nearly 100+ clients who are not only about the decor but making the place a surreal, welcomed and fun to make people have their moments in frames of their heart for now and ever ”

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