The Pastel Dream

The light play in the décor gives a halo effect to the ensemble

Venue: Raja Muthaiah Hall, Chennai

This primrose pink décor is flawlessly fused with modern contemporary panels teamed up with beautiful roses. The reflection of the lights on the panels gives out a halo effect making it dreamy. The floral arrangement in the upper part of the design with lights ties this whole design together. The ‘Better Together’ setup with bright yellow neon light and little floral bouquets on the sides add to the dreamy effect. The white and pink cabana-styled entrance with warm lights teamed up with English flowers and an arrangement of white and pink roses, additionally, warm stage lights by the sides of the cabana amplify the effect, making it ruminative and romantic. The curtained passageway for the entrance is colour coordinated with the rest of the décor.

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