Why Camellia Events in Chennai should be your wedding planners

Why Camellia Events in Chennai should be your wedding planners

Weddings are to be memorable, enjoyable, and manageable. That’s where wedding planners take the tediousness out of your equation. Gone are the days when the saying prevailed, “Giving up the wedding orchestrating tasks to the wedding planners lacks hospitality”, and the very saying became the paradigm shift for improvement in the industry. The wedding planners community has a set of execution criteria, and all of them, by standard, meet them. Yes, it is more than enough, but it called for normalcy. When going beyond what has to be done and, that’s where it exhibits the craftsmanship of the experienced & the innovative. Here, we are lining up the beyond factors and how Camellia events stand tall in it.

Themed decors:

The culture of having a themed wedding is gearing up fame, and the event planners are trying to catch up with it. The commoner way is to have fixed decors made and repurposed according to location, with charges inclined to install only and not to the decor itself. Themed weddings require customized decor for each event and must be in line with the budget. Thus, articulating with constraints is quite tedious, but Camellia Events is pulling it off with the way they source the decor items. They go for the most naturally sourced decors, and for artificializing items, they rent and redecorate the decor utilities. The themed wedding continues beyond there but to have the whole environment themed. From the caterers present in the event to the food served to abide by the theme, Camellia Events has a wide range of caterers who are not just the creators but the curators of the whole themed menu.

Event size & category:

The curators of the Camellia Events are also highly flexible. Regardless of the event size, with a minimum guest number of 50, Camellia Events can plan all the amenities for the event accordingly. The connections of Camellia are diverse in that they don’t just stick to the extravaganza but also go for minimalistic bougie weddings. The prowess comes from the authenticity of delivering the execution as closest to the wedding type. Traditionally, inbound arrangements are never missed and are respected without fusing with the trend. Thus, the wedding is what it is, and all the others are made to stand the line away from the ritual. This factor applies to Western weddings as well as Indian weddings.


Orchestrating even the minute details is the key in the hospitality sector. Making the guests gaze at the decor to ensure a comfortable time, Camellia Events fixates on the schedule and arrangements precisely. The order of how people are welcomed, identifying the guests who need more attention, their seating arrangements, serving them with welcome drinks, taking care of the disposal of the holder, guiding the crowd to meet the newlywed & guiding them to dining all are schemed and executed with precision. The entire effort is to make guests feel welcomed and hospitable so they feel enlightened and have the freedom to enjoy the event blissfully.


Pre-planning by wedding planners is crucial for orchestrating a successful wedding. It sets the foundation for a seamless and memorable event. This phase involves detailed discussions with the couple to understand their vision, preferences, and budget. Planners coordinate with vendors, finalize timelines, and create backup plans for potential challenges. They meticulously organize every aspect, from venue layout to guest accommodations, ensuring smooth execution on the big day. Adequate pre-planning not only reduces stress but also enhances creativity, allowing planners to incorporate unique elements that reflect the couple’s style and create a truly unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Photo spot perfect decors 

Having photo spot-perfect decors created by wedding planners is essential for various reasons. These meticulously designed decors not only serve as focal points for capturing cherished moments during the wedding but also enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the event. They provide beautiful backdrops for photographs, ensuring that every picture taken is visually stunning and memorable. Additionally, these decors contribute to the ambience and theme of the wedding, creating a cohesive and visually pleasing atmosphere for guests. They play a vital role in the storytelling aspect of the event, capturing the essence of the couple’s love story and the celebration. Professionally crafted decors not only elevate the guest experience but also leave a lasting impression, ensuring that every detail reflects the couple’s unique style and vision, making the wedding truly unforgettable.

Planning travel & stay arrangements 

Organizing travel and stay arrangements for wedding guests is crucial for a seamless and memorable wedding experience. It ensures that guests arrive on time, are comfortable throughout their stay, and can fully enjoy the celebrations without any logistical stress. By taking care of transportation, accommodations, and related details, the best wedding planners in chennai contribute to the overall success of the event. They also enhance the guest experience, leaving a positive impression and fostering a sense of care and hospitality. This attention to detail reflects the couple’s commitment to their guests’ comfort and enjoyment, making them feel valued and appreciated on this special occasion.

A wedding is the request of emotion and grace. Inculcated with many factors, it goes way above just organizing and bringing the whole venue to life. The people who own it & the people who come to bless them are all about how lovely the place makes them feel. Thus, creating the ambience and the vibe for any event is what makes the planners stand out from the crowd, and Camellia Events is keen on it. 

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