It’s Picturesque With Pink

The punch of pink washed down by the white

Venue: The Westin, Velachery

This Persian pink design is vibrantly offbeat with a floral-patterned stage. The arrangement of the flowers and English twines on the stage is very picturesque, captivating the vibes of an outdoor garden. The chandeliers placed in the centre act as a backdrop in itself, giving a unique shade of warmth to the Persian pink colour. The choice of keeping the furniture minimalistic is so that the different tones of the Persian pink in the main design are more obvious. The contrasting cantaloupe coloured mesh nets used as a part of the décor is to act as a buffer among the colours Persian pink and white. The design is vibrant and pleasant to the eye.

White Panel

This beautiful contemporary white panel has flowers embossed to magnify the elegance of this design. The décor is simple, yet sophisticated and perfectly contrasted with a burgundy accent sofa.

Welcome Panel

The floral arrangement on this welcome standee with abstract teal instalments oozes classes and simplicity. The lights near the teal instalments create a halo effect making the entire design magical.

Entrance Design

Light play is the real deal in this décor. The entrance arch, which is not a traditional arch is elegantly decorated with floral arrangements and a decorative roof whose colour matches the design’s colour scheme.

White Panel Front

The white candles and the palm leaves give a tropical Mediterranean feel to the design. Along with the white contemporary floral embossed panels, the design is a blend of contemporary and Mediterranean design.

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