10 Unconventional Wedding Decor Ideas to Make Your Big Day Unforgettable

10 Unconventional Wedding Decor Ideas to Make Your Big Day Unforgettable

Go grand or Go simple, but why go the same? Is the question being echoed in the decor industry? Conventional decors are outdated, and people aspired to hold on to the tradition but giving it a new look with the decors indeed. It provides an edge to this generation to have the element of celebration and to witness the tradition inculcated. Here are the 10 unconventional decor themes that are in trend by Camellia Events.

The tropical paradise

Decor is distinguished from the environment by incorporating as much as natural elements as possible. The entire theme is brought live with a serene sea in the backdrop. At the right time of the day with the right lighting factors, the decor is the best extravagant option under a limited budget to have a ceremonial wedding as dated back in the day. A whole new experience with tradition intact, the tropical essence is all the more natural and a transforming option for a traditional wedding.

The ballroom decor is economically efficient

The ballroom decor is the most trending decor for guests who’d like to invite only the dearest to their special day. The ballroom decor encompasses floral drapes, an organized cutlery, and a huge space for the guests to come and witness and participate in the wedding and the most extravagant reception. The ballroom effect is brought down by both the traditional and the Western decor and is the most trending and suitable option for any traditional wedding.

Boho chic theme

Another simple & elegant yet neutral wedding theme is the Boho. Rave of feather textures that are embodied with drapes and casts of elegance. This theme serves the neutral ground by altering the colors and the look of the elements with the same orchestration that adopts any theme of the wedding. The theme that is in recent trend and is adored by Camellia’s clients

Celestial theme

Something that never goes out of trend is the Celestial theme. The starry nights and the dreamy lights instill grandeur and elegance all at once. The most suitable theme for receptions is when the couples wish to have less floral but all sparkly vibes for their wedding.

The most trending sustainable wedding

After many celebrities, people are really inspired to have an eco-friendly wedding. The theme is simple but the extravaganza comes from the number of elements that the environment holds. The rural inspired decors that are more sustainable are the stars of this decor. The green plastic-free decor is made true by sourcing the natural elements and architecture of the whole decor with it. This decor is challenging to maintain the crispiness of the components until the special hour. That’s why Camellia Events plans precisely the execution and executes it just hours before the event, making it appealing and fresh. Another reason for this theme to be trending is the vibe that it radiates through the purest white sets. People are falling in love with this white ambiance and prefer this theme predominantly. 

Eclectic Furniture

Furnishing comfortable lounge spaces with a blend of modern and antique furnishings. This gives off a sleek vibe and offers a laid-back yet fashionable atmosphere for the visitors to enjoy the place. To create a welcoming atmosphere for visitors, arrange sitting sections with varying textures and patterns. The entire concept is furnished with royale traditional furniture, with the exception of the floral accents around the wedding area, which are styled after vintage public spaces.

Floral elegance

Suspended floral arrangements can add a dramatic and enchanting element to the decor. Using hoops, chandeliers, or macramé to hang flowers and greenery adds a more natural ambiance and is preferred for photographic awe. Camellia’s florists are always on the move to stay on top of the floral trend to bring you the most color-coded and floral enchantment.

Simple & outdoors

The simple and the outdoor wedding are in trend. Less decor and mostly nature do the job. The selection of the wedding venue and how the minimal decor can provide comfort to the guests while enjoying the outdoors is the challenge here, and Camellia is best at it.

Art Deco Revival

The art Deco revival theme is the one where the decors are organized in patterns to own the style of the 90s’ royale. Incorporating all the decors that are in the deco revival pattern inflicts the effect of the theme that is mostly preferred by cozy wedding requirements.

Steampunk fantasy

The Steampunk fantasy is the wedding theme that is mostly preferred by the Western culture, where the couture is dated back in time along with decors that are old and elegant that hold the mix of industrial, victorian, and science fiction.

Camellia events extend beyond the expectations of the clients by executing wedding decors that the client desires in the most elegantly innovative way. Not compromising on the tradition but bringing in the most exceptional new thing to the decor town. 

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